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Get off the beaten track and discover the diverse landscapes of the Northern Territory.

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If you like your vacations with a dose of adrenaline, a smattering of exhilaration and a spoonful of the unknown, there’s plenty in the Territory to keep you on your toes. On four wheels or two, on the water or in the air, atop 100-horsepower or one-camel-power, prepare to be re-energised by the not-so-sleepy NT. Given the terrain and sheer size of the landscape, visitors are spoilt for choice when it comes to getting off the beaten track – the only question is how you want to get there.[GC1] 

On the ground

There’s no shortage of operators offering guided tours on quad-bikes, four-wheel-drives, camels or luxury coach. If you’d prefer to go it alone, hire a vehicle and get tips from the many experienced local guides.

See nature up close by setting out on one of the many diverse walking trails in the region. Choose from short morning strolls to multi-day treks taking in tropical rainforests, desert landscapes, steep escarpments and rocky chasms.

In the air

For some real perspective, or just to get dropped off at a seriously remote camping spot, consider taking a charter flight in a small plane or helicopter. Slow things down (and cut down the engine noise) by joining one of the hot-air balloon rides around Alice Springs.

In the water

Whichever way you arrive, you’ll eventually want to cool off beneath the cascading waterfalls and pristine springs, billabongs and rivers found across the NT. Always adhere to local advice on where and where not to swim.

If you want to stay on top of the water, canoes and kayaks are available for hire. Alternatively, join a cruise to get a look at the many jumping crocodiles roaming the Territory’s waters.